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  1. Celebration Time! Friday 15th September ’23

    16/09/2023 by Miss. C.

    Well done to Lottie who was awarded our first Head Teacher Award of the Year for her outstanding improved score on our weekly times table test. An increase of 34 marks was very impressive!

    Well done also to Amie and Annabelle who were awarded Head Teacher Awards for their selflessness shown to others. They gave-up the opportunity to sleep in a bunk-bed on our residential so that another pair could.


    Well done to Theo K,  for becoming our first 5R Champion of the year for your resilience and determination to succeed in Maths.

    Congratulations also to Georgie, for your consistent resourcefulness and resilience in all aspects of school life so far.

  2. Autumn 1 ’23 – Belonging

    12/09/2023 by Miss. C.


    This half-term our Big Idea will be: BELONGING 

    Check out our Class Newsletter here – Year 5 Newsletter Autumn 1 ’23  

    This provides information relating to NEW P.E. days, kit requirements, homework deadline days and what we will be learning as we explore BELONGING.

    You can also find our new Class Timetable here –Y5 BLANK timetable September 2023


  3. Proud to be Me! Friday 30th June ’23

    30/06/2023 by Miss. C.

    Premium Vector | Proud to be me handwritten motivational quote support  message unique personality concept

    Today, all across school we have explored why pride (the emotion) is important to us personally and to others in our school community, local community and global community.

    We explored how Pride (the celebration) takes place each June and how we felt about this celebration.

    We were shocked to learn some facts about the discrimination some members of the LGBTQ+ community face still today in 2023!

  4. Celebration Time! Thursday 29th June ’23

    29/06/2023 by Miss. C.

    Well done to Sofia who was awarded a Head Teacher Award for her fantastic opening to her own version of a Beowulf narrative ‘A Hero arrives in Heorot’.

    Well done also to James S and Tia who were awarded Head Teacher Awards for their fantastic reflective reading comprehension.

    Finally, Well done to Harry, Daniel and Hugo A for your Head Teacher Awards this week for your consistent demonstration of all of our 5Rs and such fantastic attitude to life in school.


    Well done to Theo F who was our Jigsaw Champion for understanding and respecting changes that are seen and experienced.


    Well done to Luke who was our 5R Champion for his enthusiasm and effort in writing his narrative.

  5. The Anglo-Saxons

    28/06/2023 by Miss. C.

  6. I am a Historian!

    19/06/2023 by Miss. C.

    Year 3 Summer Term Learning Letter! – Abbey Road Primary School


    Welcome back to our final half-term of the year!

    Our new Big Idea is ‘I am a Historian’ and we will be historians as we explore what life was like for Anglo-Saxons in Britain.

    Check out our class Newsletter here – Year 5 Newsletter Summer 2 ’23 which provides details of our P.E. days, Homework requirements and deadline days. 

  7. Celebration Time! Thursday 15th June ’23

    19/06/2023 by Miss. C.

    Well done to Islay who was awarded a Head Teacher Award for her completed sonnet relating to Christian and Muslim beliefs in God or Allah.


    Well done to Hugo F-M who was our Jigsaw Champion for always showing respect to the uniqueness and individuality of all of our Year 5 family.


    Well done to Tia who was our 5R Champion for her outstanding effort and focus when completing our assessments.

  8. Learning at Home

    19/05/2023 by Miss. C.

    Don’t forget you can access all homework details and Book Group agreed tasks on the following pages – 

    Learning at home

    Year 5 Book Clubs

  9. British Values at work . . .

    18/05/2023 by Miss. C.

    Today Year 5 were able to put 2 of our British Values into action –


    A number of our class members had spotted that our current storage system for our scooters and bikes was not working anymore. Together they discussed the problems and found solutions. A democratic vote was then taken to agree the new system moving forward.

    Some class members then created new signs for the designated areas and some wrote to our parents informing them of the changes. 

    Dear Parents / Carers,

    We are writing to inform you that we have spotted a problem with the storage of scooters and bikes for Years 4, 5 and 6. The current bike rack (by the chicken coop) is not big enough to home all scooters and bikes from these year groups. Year 5 have this afternoon worked to solve this problem. From tomorrow, Friday 19th May 2023, a designated area has been given for all scooters, Year 4 & 5 bikes and Year 6 bikes. 

    All scooters will continue to be stored near the chicken coop. Bikes from Years 4 & 5 will be stored in the bike rack outside of Year 5 and all bikes from Year 6 will now be stored in the bike rack outside of Year 6. 

    We are hopeful that this will stop arguments and overcrowding from happening and we can all show respect to each others’ property. 

    Finally, please can we request that you ensure your child is wearing a helmet to protect them incase of an accident.

    Yours sincerely, 

    Abi, James E & Miss. Corkhill from Year 5


    Watch this space to see how things work out from tomorrow . . .

  10. Celebration Time! Thursday 18th May ’23

    18/05/2023 by Miss. C.

    Well done to Amelia who was awarded a Head Teacher Award for her selfless nature – giving others an opportunity instead of herself.


    Well done to India who was our Jigsaw Champion for always showing respect to all members of our Year 5 family.


    Well done to Noah who was our 5R Champion for his outstanding achievements in Early Bird Maths this week.

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